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Born into a family of collectors, refiners and traders of cheese since 1907, Philippe Olivier has constantly improved and perfected the techniques and secrets of this art that is refining !

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Each day that God gives us, we strive to ensure refining and distribution to the four corners of the planet of high quality dairy products, mainly cheese, selected and collected from producers who are preferably farmers and artisans, and all of this while respecting traditions, the natural environment and hygiene regulations, to offer food-lovers and gourmets the pleasure of tasting and discovering , or perhaps re-discovering, true and authentic cheese, or to put it in a nutshell, cheese that tastes good !

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" The Bière à Frometon "

Philippe Olivier and Christophe Noyon, both farmer and beer-recipes creator, made up this
high-fermentation beer.

The balance between its fruity smell and its sweet bitterness makes this beer perferct for being served with strong cheeses from our region
(Pays du Nord).
Such cheeses will be sublimated with the "Bière à Frometon".